History of Carlos P. Romulo Memorial Lbrary

Topics: Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, Manuel Roxas Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: February 12, 2013
History of Carlos P. Romulo Memorial Library

Carlos P. Romulo Memorial Library was first established in September 1947 during the administration of Governor Lopez. At that time the government has chosen then the name of former President Manuel Roxas. It was built beside the capitol in the fourth of our government administration during administration of former President Aquino. It was the court thought that the provincial government that a famous Tarlaqueño to be given recognition in a field of education so at that time in 1990’s is appropriately the name Carlos P. Romulo, a journalist and a highly- talented Tarlaqueño because of his high intellectual activity. Carlos P. Romulo had several executive offices like cabinet member as the secretary of foreign affairs and earlier that time became the secretary general of the United Nations (UN), a body of a world class organization. It is only fitting that Carlos P. Romulo to be given such a kind of educational institution like a library. Carlos P. Romulo is from Camiling, Tarlac. Being an intelligent man studied his high school at Tarlac National High School during the American period in 1902. He was one of the outstanding students of the University of the Philippines. He was a great debater and in Communication Arts that’s why he was recruited by General Douglas McArthur who made his personal secretary. The famous “I shall return” was actually a brain-child of Secretary Romulo. During the Marcos period as the foreign secretary the Philippine was made famous because of Romulo’s outstanding performance in the diplomatic world as the secretary of Foreign Affairs a crafted.
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