History of Carinosa

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History of carinosa
* The cariñosa is a popular folk dance that was introduced to the country by the Spaniards when they arrived in the 16th century. It belongs to the Maria Clara suite of Philippine folk dances. These are so named in honour of Maria Clara, who was the main character in Jose Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere, ('Don't Touch Me'), about the colonisation of the Philippines by the Spanish. In it, Maria Clara is portrayed as a noble and loyal woman, who after the publication of the novel in the 19th century became the female symbol of virtue for Philippina women. Different costumes on carinosa dance

It was traditional for a Spanish 'Maria Clara' costume to be worn, which consisted of a long dress and a long-sleeved short embroidered dress made from pineapple fibers. Now more traditional Philippine dress is usual. Men wear white shirts and colored trousers, while the women wear native dresses. Cariñosa usually consist of a male and a female, who face each other when dancing. It can also be performed by one group but they have to be in partners. Female must have a fan and the guy must have handkerchief.The girl wears " patadyong" with a soft "panhuelo". The boy wears "barong taglog" or "kamisa de chino" in any colors. Dance steps in carinosa

Step 1: 3 step turn and bow facing each other
Step 2: 3 step and point Right-Left direction in 16 counts
Step 3: Touch Step - 3 step forward in 2 count. 4 touch steps, change position then repeat Step 4: * 3 step forward and back to back* 4 touch steps
* Change position and repeat the first two on step 4 above
Step 5: * 3 step forward
* Girl opens her fan and will start fanning herself* 4 touch steps * Change position and repeat the first three on step 5 above. Step 6: * 3 steps forward
* Boy moves forward then kneel
* Girl taps the boy with her fan and she will do 4 touch steps * Change position
* Girl will kneel as they look each other and the boy will do 4 touch steps Step 7: * 3 steps forward
* Girl...
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