History of Calculators

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Hanna Huisman
Mr. Westman
History of the Calculator
February 18, 2013
The History of the Calculator
Calculators are used daily by many Americans around the world. For me I used my calculator daily while I am participating in my Finical Algebra class. It not only is convenient for me to use to I am able to get equations more quickly and efficiently, but also it helps me see graphs that I have created with the equations given to us. "Calculators from Texas who?" That question was often asked during the first days of the electronic calculator industry, but as the market grew, Texas Instruments became an industry leader and a household name in homes, as well as in schools, offices and factories -- around the world. In the early 1970s, the daily lives of people throughout the developed world were changed profoundly by the advent of a small electronic machine that could per-form basic mathematical problems much more quickly and more accurately than they could be worked out on paper. Calculators expanded the math capabilities of everyone from high school students to businessmen. The original compact calculator was the abacus, developed in China in the ninth century. The young French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the first adding machine in 1642, a clever device driven by gears and capable of performing mechanical addition and subtraction. The first commercially successful adding machine was developed in 1886 by William Seward Burroughs The "Millionaire," a machine invented by Otto Steiger in 1894, was the first adding machine also capable of direct multiplication.

The hand-held pocket calculator was invented at Texas Instruments, Incorporated (TI) in 1966 by a development team which included Jerry D. Merryman, James H. Van Tassel and Jack St. Clair Kilby. In 1974 a basic patent for miniature electronic calculators has been issued to Texas Instruments Incorporated. The patent is for personal-sized, battery-operated calculators which have their main...
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