History of Business in Ancient India Interlinking with Politics

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  • Published : November 23, 2009
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Smriti formed the core of Indian customary and traditional law. At that time we used to have sreni structure They defined priveleges and responsibilities of members, Commercial dues and Royal duties Allocation of shares, Sales and purchase Regulation, non payment of wages. They reveal the nature of legal structure that was prevalent in early and early medieval Indian society In sreni there were no caste barriers, sreni had economic agenda & also had administrative work like social benefits. Even sreni had made their sense of accounting in form of INCOME – sales, contribution from new members, penalty, money lenders & EXPENDITURE – losses, production, transportation and security costs. They used to look for social benefits In sultanate period the war which took place number of times with their aim to increase their territory and conquer the place . they never took into consideration the amount of soldiers dying, their rights, houses and the place where the war happend destroyed en number of properties. The political system was completely unstable. Sultanates knew how to trade so they always lend up with favourable balance of payment and good balance of trade. They import horses for war purposes. In Mughal period en number of mughal emporers came into power of which some of them were turned to be good administrator and some bad. Good Administrators Shershah Suri, akbar, etc who consolidated INDIA brought some stability, brought some kind of measures like welfare, taxation, revenue collection for the betterment for their people. Even in Sultanate period the Structure were their in kingdom or in administration and had department heads. Even at sultanate period we had favourable balance of trade. They had inequality of wealth distribution and revenue collection policy like land revenue between Hindus and Muslims. Indus...
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