History of Balochistan Distic Wise

Topics: Districts of Pakistan, Balochistan, Quetta Pages: 39 (13198 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Balochistan University of Information Technology
Engineering &Management Sciences
Research Report of Macroeconomic History Of Balochistan Districts Tribes Ethnic Groups, Languages, climate

Group Members Name
* Ghulam Muhammad Mandokhail

Department : Managemant sciences
Semister : 3rd
Section : “c” Date : 19/12/2012

Table of Contents
1. Acknowledgement
2. Introduction
3.  Zhob
4. Qillah Saifullah
5. Muslim bage
6. Pishin
7. Qilla Abdullah
8. Quetta
9. Chaghi
10. Nushki
11. Musakhail
12. Barkhan
13. Loralai
14. Gwadar
15. Panjgur
16. Kech
17. Bolan 
18. Jhal Magsi
19. Jaffarabad
20. Nasirabad
21. Harnai
22. Kohlu
23. Dera Bugti
24. Ziarat
25. Sibi
26. Kalat
27. Mastung
28. Kharan
29. Washuk 
30. Aera and population of balochistan districts wise 31. Conclution
32. Recommandition


I take this opportunity to pay my sincere gratitude to our highly regarded teacher, Sir Marjan Arbab for her exemplary guidance and constant encouragement. This assignment is an upshot of the combined efforts of me and my team. We got to learn incredibly by getting exposed to the different aspects of the topic, in addition, working on the set standards of assignment with proper referencingfor the first time ever helped us learn a great deal.

Balochistan has an eventful history dating back to the Stone Age. Recent research and archaeological excavations at Mehrgarh have revealed 9000 years old civilization. Human settlement pattern at Mehrgarh was unparalleled and unique, inaugurating the distinct shift from a hunting gathering to a settled life for the first time in human history. Domestication of animals, cultivation of plants, and perfume export were modern features of Mehrgarh civilization. Alexander the great passed through Balochistan in 325 B. C. After his death Balochistan came under the rule of Selecus Nicator whose descendents lost power to the Graeco-Bactrians. The province has also witnessed the march of a number of great conquerors and warriors such as Macedonians,Arabs,Ghaznavies,Mangols Balochistan Districts

1.| Awaran| 2.| Barkhan|
3.| Bolan| 4.| Chagai|
5.| Dera Bugti| 6.| Gwadar|
7.| Harnai| 8.| Jafarabad|
9.| Jhal Magsi| 10.| Kalat|
11.| Kech| 12.| Kharan|
13.| Khuzdar| 14.| Kohlu|
15.| Lasbela| 16.| Kohlu|
17.| Mastung| 18.| Kohlu|
19.| Naseerabad| 20.| Kohlu|
21.| Panjgur| 22.| Pishin|
23.| Qilla Abdullah| 24.| Qilla Saifullah|...
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