History of Badminton

Topics: High school, National FFA Organization, Education Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: April 25, 2013
The history of the Future Farmers of America.

General Goal: To inform the listeners on the history of the FFA

Purpose Statement: To help readers understand the FFA.

Thesis Statement: Through the FFA you can learn many things that make you a better person.


1. On November 20th,1928 Thirty three young farmers started an orginization called the "Future Farmers of America". 1. (According to www.ffa.org) the thirty three young men founded the organization in Kansas City's Baltimore Hotel. 1. The founders, Harry Sanders, Hehad no idea that the organization would grow in numbers to what it is today. 2. There are about 540,379 members distributed in all 50 states. And there are chapters in US territories like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The FFA is open for anyone to join, including minorities

BODY 2. The main goal of the FFA is to support Agricultural education. 2. Through Ag education classes Students could join FFA. 3. The Ag teacher at your middle school or high school is the advisor of your schools FFA program. 3. According to (www.lib.niu.edu) Ag classes were officially incorporated into schools in 1917 when congress passed the "Smith-Hughes Act". 3. The Smith-Hughes Act had a major role in the success of the FFA in many ways. 4. Now that schools could have Ag classes more kids would hear and learn about the FFA. 5. A few years later in 1928 the first FFA National Convention was held in kansas city. 6. Dues to be a member were set at 10 cents a person, and a National Officer team was elected. 7. Before the Act was passed only 14 states had Ag classes in their schools. 4. Through the FFA a member can participate in a Supervised Agricultural Experience also known as a SAE . 8. A SAE project helps a student learn by doing hands on activities. 9. The catigories for a SAE project are, Entrepreneurship, placement, research...
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