History of Auto Cad

Topics: Computer, Operating system, Computer-aided design Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: April 10, 2013
History of Auto CAD
AutoCAD had been around since 1982, it is a computer assisted designing program which lets people drawing things with. Blue prints are what this program is mainly used for. This program was adopted by engineers and architects to help them with their designs of their projects. The AutoCAD program makes the drawings easier and a lot more accurate. The idea of the design that AutoCAD helps you with has dates back to ancient Egypt. Development of this program back in the 1950’s and by the 1970’s it was created. In the 1980’s AutoCAD was in such a high demand that the program was first mast produced. This program was such an innovation and is so important in the designing of building, bridges, roads, etc. This program has shaped a lot of skylines all across the world, without this program it would take much longer to draw/draft plans for the structures that they cities, roads, bridges, dams, etc. would not be what they are today without it. This paper will intrude on the history of the program and hoe it has come to be so important in the world of today. It will also depict how it came to be a major tool for engineers and design firms all over the world. The AutoCAD program was released by the Autodesk Company as a CAD program designed to run on what was known then as a “microcomputer” that was then running on 8-bit programing and then to the 16-bit computers, the Vector 9000 and the IBM personal machines. AutoCAD was adopted from a program known as Interact. Interact was one of the first programs featured on the fairly new cassette based computers. In 1985 the AutoCAD saw the first wide scale release to colleges with the 2.5 version. It had many of the standard core processes such as links and planks on the program. Features such as dimensions were offered also but they had to pay a fee for that feature. The version 9 saw the first add to drop down menus and hence enabled users to freely use the AutoCAD program without memorizing all of the...
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