History of Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Topics: Local area network, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Data Link Layer Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: April 16, 2012
1. Who uses ATM/ Networks that support traditional high-throughput data traffic You might say to yourself that Asyncronous Transfer Mode sounds like a great technology, but who uses this thing? ATM is a technology that will enable carriers to capitalize on a number of revenue opportunities through multiple ATM classes of services; high-speed local-area network (LAN) interconnection; voice, video, and future multimedia applications in business markets in the short term; and in community and residential markets in the longer term. (http://www.telecomspace.com/vop-atm.html) Asyncronous transfer mode is a service applied in a wide range of services. Some of these services are workgroups with campus networks, enterprise network consolidation, multimedia virtual private networks, and for internet backbones for internet service providers. All of these are networks that support traditional high throughput data traffic.

2. Low-latency transfers such as real-time audio/video
Asyncronous transfer mode has the benefit of providing low latency transfers. These low Latency transfer were great for providing audio, video, and VoIP(voice over internet provider). Many companies provide these services as one big package. One such company is Digizip ATM service. Digizips ATM service slogan is “Carry your data, video, voice, and Internet needs on a single network”. They go on to explain to their customers how great, easy, and reliable it is to carry voice over their data network. They also explained how ATM overs “REAL TIME” video conferencing, and full motion medical imaging for large financial business transaction or just to provide higher resolution graphics to transport on a network. Digizip did not even market the benefits that ATM has on a high speed local area network (LAN)

3.high-speed local-area network (LAN)/ future multimedia applications in business market Asyncronous transfer mode offers high speed local area networking. As previously discussed some...
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