History of Apple

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Apple Computers originated in Cupertino, California by three friends, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne. Wozniak was the computer nerd of the three and had been working on a computer design and once Jobs convinced him of finishing his model and selling it to the public the beginning of Apple computers was underway. On January 3, 1977 the hard work of the three friends became Apple Computer, Inc. Soon after Wayne sold his share back to Jobs and Wozniak. The two Steve’s continued on to create one of the most successful companies that would in future years be known for their computers, music devices, cell phones, and software worldwide. Apple took off after Wozniak’s Apple I adding numerous versions of the Apple, the Macintosh line, the iPod, iPhone, and iTunes products, and numerous other computer/software products to the Apple Computer, Inc. family. Apple has made its mark on the technology industry by continuing to be successful innovators that lead their numerous product markets. Identification of the Current Corporate Level Long-Term Strategies and Tactics Apple has two major long-term strategies and tactics that they focus on. The first being strategic alliances that they have with IBM, Microsoft, and AT&T. The alliances they formed with IBM and Microsoft have enabled Apple to further their computer growth and guarantee software that is available and familiar to consumers all over the world. The alliance with AT&T was a recent alliance that was formed when Apple came out with their iPhone. Their contract with AT&T ends in 2010, and the phone world is anxiously waiting to see if they will continue this alliance or create a new one. The second strategy is concentration on internal growth which they are implementing by developing new products for the markets they have already established and by finding new markets for their current products. For example Apple created a new market for their Macintosh computers by pushing them into the education market and creating their mark among students and teachers. Identification of the Current Corporate Level Short-Term Strategies and Tactics Currently Apple does not seem to have any short-term strategies and tactics. This could be very risky for Apple, but at the time being they seem to be successful without it. They may want to rethink their lack of strategy soon due to the illness of Steve Jobs and implement a plan incase they lose their leader. Identification of the Current SBU Level and Tactics

Apple’s current strategies defined by Porter are product differentiation with a focus on a broad market. This can be seen by Apple’s many products including the iPod, the iPhone, and all their Mac books that are priced and designed to fit every person’s needs and wants. Apple’s current strategy defined by Miles & Snow is being a prospector. Apple creates new products and services, such as their iTunes when legally downloading music was needed, to changing market conditions. They also respond rapidly and try to be the first mover. By doing this they set a benchmark for their competitors and place their products in consumer’s mindset first. Identification of Apple’s Current “Green” Efforts

Apple has been making large strides in order to make their company a “green” company. Looking at the transformation of their MacBook Pro from 2006 to 2008 you will see that they have gone from having BFR, PVC, mercury, and arsenic in their 2006 version to having none of them in their 2008 version. They have also been reducing their packaging to both save materials and to make it possible to store more packages on one mode of distribution, thus reducing the amounts of trips it would have had to make. Last but not least, Apple has also been putting more of their attention on getting more recycling centers set up for their products. One of their ways of doing this is having a program within their stores that allows a customer to bring in their old Apple product...
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