History of Ancient Egypt: Old Kingdom

Topics: Egyptian pyramids, Ancient Egypt, Great Pyramid of Giza Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Old Kingdom

After Khasekenwy expanded the natural resources trade, which helped Egypt acquire things like cedar, limestone, and tin, King Zoser came to power. In 2,650 BCE after Khasenkenwy dies, Zoser completely reinvents the position of Kingship. He would lead Egypt into a golden age which would last 500 years.

Zoser’s reign begins with his government revolution. He went on to create the ‘’Vizier’’ position which served similar duties to a prime minister. Four viziers were stationed throughout Egypt, and all possessed direct access to the king. The most unique thing about the viziers was that none of them were related to the king, yet held such immense responsibilities. Zoser’s next move would be to create a professional government, or in other words a bureaucracy. Again, the people in control of the bureaucracy were non family members. Next, Zoser increased the power of the kingship by telling his beloved architect Imhotep to build him a monument for the ages.’’ The building site that was chosen would be Saqara. One million tons of stone are used to build this monument, with a work force of 30,000 men that weren’t considered slaves. The monument took 10 years to complete, but was only worked on for 3 months a year. Six mastaba’s were built on top of each other, accidently creating the world’s first pyramid which stood 207 ft. high. In 2,575 BCE, Zoser dies, making the way for Snefru.

Snefru would take two titles. Neb’maat which means lord of truth, and Neckernefer which means perfect god. His next move would prove to be vital as he disconnects Egypt from its prehistoric past. First, he founded new towns, gave them new names, and switched up the pottery. Along with that he changed the administration centers and the burial sites to the merchant town of Dashur. The Palermo stone is the primary source of this. He would go on to the build the world’s first true pyramid which was 52.5 degrees on top, and had flat sides, also in Dashur. Next, he built 35...
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