History of American Education

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History of American Education
Ryan Craig
October 28,2010

3 Major Periods

1: The Colonial Period (1607-1775)
1642- Massachusetts Bay Colony Law requires proper teaching of children.

2: The Early National Period
1819 Emma Hart Willard helps New York State opens education for women

3: The Common school movement (1820-1865)
1852 Children must attend school in Massachusetts

2 Major Eras

1: The Progressive Era
1900 Pencil and paper replaces slates

2: The Modern Era
1964 Civil rights act of 1964 supports school desegregation

All of these events had a huge impact on American Education but the one that I would have to pick is the 1964 Civil rights act of 1964 supports school desegregation this civil rights act of 1964 authorizes the federal government to comply with school desegregation though law suites and by with holding federal funds from schools that continue to discriminate.

I think that this has shaped classrooms today because schools can no longer deny students the right to go to their school because of their race which I think is a great thing because it gives the children a chance to interact with other children form different cultures so that they can learn how to get along with one another.

It has also given our classrooms today a chance to become more diverse which is a great thing for students and teachers because it gives the students and teachers a chance to learn about different cultures and it helps the children in the classroom to see that not everyone is the same and that it is ok to be different.

It has also given African American children the right to the same education as white students which is a great thing because every students deserves the best education that they can get regardless of their race or cultural backgrounds.

This event is still reflected in the classroom today by teachers teaching about different cultures and teaching children that it is not what is on the...
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