History of America. War of 1812

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The causes and impacts on British North America and the United States during the war of 1812.

This paper consists of three statements based on the causes and impacts on British North America and the United States war in 1812. The first section will basically be an introduction of the British North America and the United States war. It will cover the important dates and information’s. For instance, when it happened and where the actual battles occurred. The second section is mainly about the causes of the war where the disputes and aggravations between Great Britain and the United States will be discussed. The war of 1812 basically began with a series of economic sanctions taken by the British and French against the US as part of the Napoleonic Wars. The other two points based on the first section are the embargo Act of 1807 and when the British were instigating Native Americans on the frontier to attack American settlements. The third section will be based on the impacts during the war of 1812, where the first point will be about how the United States gained a measure of international respect for withstanding the British Empire. Second of all, how the military development increased by General Winfield Scott and third of all, how the war united French-speaking and English-speaking colonies against a common enemy.

Historical introduction of British North America and the United States war in 1812. The war of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain. It began on the 18th June 1812 and was officially over after signing of the treaty of Ghent on December 24th 1814, and was ratified by the US president James Madison on February 17th 1815. Many of the battles of the war of 1812, were very unorganized.  The war had been preceded for years of angry diplomatic dispute, and the United States war arguably not ready for the war of 1812 to begin. Great Britain was also hard pressed by the hostility of Napoleon, and was compelled to retain the...
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