History of All India Central Council of Trade Unions

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  • Published : March 11, 2012
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All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU)
is a fighting trade union centre of the Indian working class. Its founding conference was held in Chennai in May 1989. The second and third all-India conferences were held respectively in Calcutta (May 1992) and Patna (September 1995). Now the Fourth All India Conference was held in Delhi from September 22 to 24. Which was preceded by an all-India workers’ rally in the capital on September 21. The 1990s has been the most challenging decade for the Indian trade union movement. Far from reversing the course of India’s economic stagnation and decline, the New Economic and Industrial Policies being followed since July 1991 seem only to have aggravated the situation. And for the working class, the new policies have led to large-scale disappearance of jobs, extensive erosion of wages and working conditions and severe curtailment of basic trade union rights. Through its own affiliates and as a consistent constituent of the sponsoring Committee of Indian Trade Unions, it has been AICCTU’s sincere effort to enable the trade union movement in India to face this growing threat to India’s economic sovereignty and to the basic rights and interests of our workers. AICCTU’s motto of organising the unorganised and unionising the ununionised has established it as a trusted trade union centre among large sections of the most exploited and oppressed workers in different corners of India. From the small and medium factory workers in Chennai to the jute mill workers around Calcutta, from the textile workers in Kanpur and Ahmedabad to the transport workers of Delhi, from the powerloom and beedi workers of Tamil Nadu to the tea plantation workers of Assam, from the coal miners of Bihar to the contract labourers and quarry workers of Chhattishgarh, from the low-paid migrant labourers in Ludhiana to the construction workers in Jaipur,AICCTU has been steadily expanding its fighting network. With its growing profile as an emerging centre...
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