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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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History of English

The Comparative method.
Principal Features of Germanic Languages
The First consonant shift (Grimm’s Law). Verner’s Law.
Indo-European and Germanic Ablaut
Periods in the History of English
Britain before the Anglo-Saxon settlement
OE Heptarchy. OE dialects
OE written monuments
King Alfred and his educational reforms.
Benedictine monastic revival and the establishment of the first literary standard. The Old English Vowel System. Assimilative Processes.
Quantitative Vowel changes in OE
The Old English Consonant System
Nominal Grammatical Categories in OE
The Noun in OE: declensions, grammatical categories.
The Pronoun in OE
The Adjective in OE
Verbal Grammatical Categories in OE
The Morphological Classification of the OE Verbs
The Non-Finite forms of the Verb in OE.
Principal Features of OE Syntax
Subject-Verb agreement in OE. Case assignment.
Basic word-order patterns in OE
The OE Complex Sentence. Types of subordinate clauses.
OE Vocabulary. Borrowings.
Word formation in OE
The Linguistic Consequences of the Scandinavian Invasion
The Linguistic Consequences of the Norman Conquest
Middle English Dialects. Written records of ME
The rise of the London dialect. Chancery standard.
Changes in Orthography in ME
ME Vowels: Quantitative Changes
ME Vowels: Qualitative Changes.
Formation of New Diphthongs in ME
Changes within the Consonant System in ME
General Characteristics of the Middle English Grammar. Analogy in ME. Changes within the Noun System in ME
Changes within the Adjective System in ME
Changes within the Pronoun System in ME
Rise of the Article System in ME
Categories of the Verb in ME
Changes within the System of Strong and Weak Verbs in ME
Typological change of word-order in ME
Case assignment in ME.
Periphrastic expressions in ME.
Non-finite clauses in ME.
ME vocabulary. Word-formation.
Borrowings in ME
Formation of the National Literary English Language
The First Dictionaries....
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