History Notes for the Holocaust

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Q1. Which nations committed war crimes during World War two? * The holocaust – the Germans killed millions of Jews – either by shooting them, working them to death or in gas chambers. * Civilian Air raids – almost all allied forces were guilty of this crime * Operation Tear Drop by the Americans and Canadians – they heard they were going to be attacked and counter attacked. They also used brutal torture. * The London Cage was a set of rooms set up where the British brutally tortured the Germans. * Yugoslaw – murdered Slavene families, known as the Kocevski Rog Massacre * Japan and China in the Chinese War Crimes where they murdered Prisoners of War and non-combatants, tortured, looted, raped and mutilated them. * Nuclear Weapons - The United Stated of America bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. * Prussian Rape - The Soviet Republic was responsible for 240 000 deaths after they raped around 2 million women and children. France was also responsible for around 1500 rapes and the United States of America around 11 000 rapes.

Q2. What is the Holocaust?
* Mass murder of the Jews by the Germans
* The Germans carried out two mass shootings
* Latvia, 327,000 Jews were killed in 1941.
* Adolf Hitler created concentration camps for communists and Jews. * The camps were Red Cross Camps, Working Camps or Death Camps. * Auschwitz, a gas chamber killing the sick, elderly and children. * Healthy Jews were used for slavery and then killed when they had no strength. * Remainder Jews were transported over to death camps in Europe under Nazi control. * Dead bodies were incinerated in gas ovens.

* Total Jews killed, 6 million.
* Occurred in 1938 – 1945.
* The Nazi’s took out any gold teeth of the Jews and stored these in a vault.

Q3. Why is it considered as the worst war crime classified by the Nazis? * Six million Jews were killed (killed way more people than other war...
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