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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Lost in the Mists of Caledonia
One of the most mysterious legends of the Roman Empire concerns the disappearance of the Ninth Legion known as Legio IX Hispana, or Legio VIIII Hispana. The Ninth Legion was one of the oldest legions in the Roman Imperial Army. The legion’s disappearance is unknown, but there have been theories and research upon this case. We do not know when they disappeared or how, but different archeologists have their own opinions. Theories include that the legion was destroyed during their campaign north of Hadrian’s Wall around 117, it is also believed that legion was deployed to Nijmegen between 121-130, while another one stipulates that the Parthians, in Armenia, might have destroyed the Ninth Legion in 161. These theories are somehow plausible and somehow hard to believe. Although these theories are at different times, VIIII Hispana must’ve disappeared before 165 because it did not appear in the list of legions that period. The last recorded evidence of the Legio IX Hispana was in 108 when the legion helped build a stone fortress in York. A theory that many historians believe that 5,000 of Rome's best soldiers were lost in Caledonia, as they marched north to quench a rebellion. The Ninth Legion was deployed to stop a rebellion of several tribes of British warriors, mainly the Picts or Celtics, but ended up inflicting a defeat upon the IX Legion. Although some historians believe the legion disappeared in Britain, in about 117 CE, there are some soldiers who served with other legions after 120 CE this means that the legion potentially existed from then on, it was not heard of anymore. Although many historians believe that the Ninth Legion were lost in the Mists of Caledonia in 117, many historians believe other wise. We don't know where the legion when, but many have found evidence that a unit of the Ninth Legion had settled in the Netherlands. This is known because of the evidence left. The legion left two tiles stamped with the...
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