History - Martin Luther King

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Martin Luther King's Jr. was a man of great ambition. He had a dream of granting civil rights to colored people; eliminating poverty and war; and doing this all non-violently. King's utter passion significantly helped him achieve his dream. On the journey to reaching his goal, and after King accomplished many of the heroic archetypes. Therefore, one can consider Martin Luther King Jr. an archetypal hero. Segregation is the separation of humans into racial groups in daily life. Which then between the 1950s and 1960s black Americans had their time of suffering. In which the white people believed that separating white people from black people would change a lot of things. Racial tensions had escalated and demonstrations swelled for voting rights and school integration. In 1955 Martin Luther King became the leader in the Montgomery bus. The Community chose King to lead the boycott because the young minister was new to Montgomery and the city fathers had not had time to intimidate him. The protesters did a march down miles of roads for their intended to oppose the city's policy of racial segregation on its public transit system. Fighting for what they think is right taken them about 381 days; they fought hard until they get what they started. The Montgomery bus boycott became very violent, so they fought very hard in the court. On November the 13th, after a year of blood, sweat and tears gone. The U.S Supreme Court ruled in favour, of the blacks and segregated buses were declared unconstitutional. The Montgomery bus Boycott was finally over. The boycott was a success because they all protested until everyone had enough. They never gave up on what they fought was right.

Most important was when the Negros had enough and they wanted their rights back. As they protested and done other things they had many supports. The problem of this was the civil rights movement in the United States; it was a long primarily nonviolent struggle to bring full civil rights and...
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