History Ia : Falklands

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Margaret Thatcher and the Falkland Islands :

To what extent can one argue that Margaret thatcher’s choice to retake the Falkland Isles (April 2 - June 14 1982) contributed to the popularity of conservative party in the United Kingdom? Word Count : 1845

Felicia Tiu-Laurel
Beacon Academy
IB History HL 1

Between April 2 1982 to June 14 of the same year, the world saw the emergence of the Falklands War which was the first war since Vietnam to have a permanent member of the UN security council primarily engaged in combat. To identify if the popularity of the conservative party heightened during the war period, the investigation will examine the reasons for involvement in the war, public opinion in the UK on the involvement in the islands (journal articles, interview minutes, newspaper articles), statements by different political leaders and leading academia, testimonies of troops in the Falklands and the testimonies of Thatcher herself as well as the conservative party to review all perspectives on the topic.

Word count : 116

Background of British Claim over Falkland Islands
Three grounds on British sovereignty over the Falkland Islands (Goebel, xxii): Continuation of jurisdiction exercised since the 18th century Lack of British recognition of any rights of the Buenos Aires Government in the islands and the official protest of Britain against Vernet’s and Mestivier’s appointments Res nullius status (under the control of no visible authority) of the Falkland Islands after the Spanish withdrawal in 1810 and the American destruction of Vernet’s settlement in 1831 Allowing self-determination for the islanders whether they choose to be Argentine or British will be respected (Thatcher, Location 3835*)* Events prior to Falklands War

Britian’s loss of prestige due to the Suez Fiasco in 1956 (Thatcher, Location 3415) Low approval ratings for Thatcher and the Conservative party (Newsinger, Falklands War and Lies) Leaseback agreement proposed by Nicolas Ridley ( Conservative minister of state in the foreign and commonwealth office) (British Empire: The Falklands War “Nicholas Ridley”) Debate on ownership of South Georgia (Thatcher, Location 3435) Withdrawal of the HMS Endurance from Falklands (Thatcher, Location 3480) Fear of islanders from Argentine Junta rule due to the junta record of human rights offenses Lord Franks of the Committee of Inquiry concluded that the Falkland Islands War could not have been prevented nor predicted. (Thatcher, Location 3486)

Falklands War proper
Invasion of the Argentines
UN resolution 502 on the condemning of argentine action in the falklands Ascension island
Attack on belgrano (Argentine Cruiser) (The Kirby Times, Falklands Deception)

Role of Margaret Thatcher in the Falkland Islands War
Leader of the Conservative Party of the UK and Prime Minister Allowed Sir Henry Leach, Chief of the Naval Staff, to assemble together a fleet ready to fight the war (Thatcher, Location 3524) Use of article 51 of the united nations charter (right to self defense) (United Nations, “United Nations Charter”) Thatcher’s stand that international law should have resolved the issue (strong falklands propaganda motto) (Thatcher, Location 3411)

Socialist party’s Close relations with the argentine junta (British Empire: The Falklands War “Nicholas Ridley”) Lord Neil Kinnock claiming that Thatcher used the Falkland Islands fiasco to bolster her political career (Jamison and Taylor, Location 351) Lord Kinnock arguing that the taskforce to liberate the Falkland Islands done prematurely and that other means would have been possible to remove the Argentines with the least use of force (Jamison and Taylor, Location 343)

War Aftermath
258 British casualties (Jamison and Taylor, Location 318)
Thatcher remains in power for 8 years
Reemergence of the Belief in a Britain as a world power according to a Russian general the USSR leadership that Britain would not fight for the...
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