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Elliott Chau Canadian Economics A) Sir John A. Macdonald (1867-1891) Goals: Attract immigrants Build a transcontinental railway Created jobs/encouraged foreign (British investment) Strategy: The national Policy Advertise in Europe -> Free land Provide support/$ to Railroad builders Set up high tariffs for imports which would encourage manufacturing in Canada Accomplishments Very little immigration Why? – competition from American-West Canadian Pacific Railway completed in 1885 A few industrial firms were developed


B) Sir Wilfrid Laurier (1896-1911) Goals: Make the National Policy work Strategy: Massive advertising campaign in Europe and offer free land (assisted by the CPR) Encouraged new railway construction Maintenance of high tariffs -> hope of attracting US firms Accomplishments Settlement of Canada West (Saskatchewan and Alberta created in 1905) Growth of eastern cities Two new railroads built (the CNR -> Canadian National Railway) Growth of mining, pulp and paper, lumbering industries Increased investment from US Concentrated in Ontario and Quebec ie) Auto industry


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1. Prove that English Canadians had a strong attachment to Great Britain. English Canadians celebrated Victoria Day which was a big celebration of Canada’s British heritage. There were British flags being waved, parades and marches, and bands playing familiar British songs. Empire day was established to celebrate Queen Victoria’s sixtieth year as the queen of England. 2. Define “nationalism” It is the devotion to the interest of a nation, sometimes leading to putting the interests of the nation above anything else. 3. What did some Canadians believe regarding the country’s future? At the turn of the century some Canadians believed that Canada was destined to become one of the most powerful nations in the world. 4. State the outlook of French Canadians. Most French Canadians believed in a strong Canada and respected the language and civil rights that had been guaranteed at Confederation. 5. Explain the term “imperialism” Imperialism is a nation’s extension of its authority over other lands by political, economic, or military means. 6. In 1900, Canada was a self-governing Dominion. What did this mean? It means that Canada can make its own laws and pursue its own policies. It meant that control over foreign affairs such as international trade was still in the hands of Britain. 7. a) Who wanted greater imperial unity? Businesspeople and descendants of the United Empire Loyalist wanted greater imperial unity b) Who did not? The French Canadians and farmers/workers did not. c) Explain Laurier’s compromise He pledged allegiance to the Empire and expressed hope for independence in the feature. Canada would always support the empire but the only change needed was for Canada to become independent over time.

Elliott Chau

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 CANADA AND AMERICAN EXPANSION

Text page 65-68 1. Explain the American belief in expansionism and “Manifest Destiny”. The American believed that America’s duty is to form a continental nation that included Mexico and Canada. 2. Explain the American proposal for reciprocity. The reciprocity that the American proposed was in which the two nations and would negotiate a mutual exchange of trade privileges and formalize them in an agreement. 3. Who, in Canada, wanted reciprocity and who was opposed to it? In Canada, the Liberals wanted reciprocity but the Conservatives opposed it. The anti reciprocity was led by Central Canadian manufacturers, bankers and businesspeople. The farmers were with the liberals and wanted reciprocity. 4. How did comments from some American politicians hurt Laurier in the 1911 election? It convinced many nervous Canadians that although America might seem to smile on Canada and offer economic favors, its real aim was to draw Canada into an economic union and then annex it. 5. What was the...
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