History Gcse Jarrow March Essay 2012

Topics: Great Depression, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Labour Party Pages: 3 (1260 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Jarrow March Essay 2012
‘The Jarrow March was a failure and didn’t achieve anything’ In this essay, I am going to review the statement made and decide whether the sources given support or do not support the theory. This view is suggesting that the Jarrow March of October 1936 was a complete failure and did not achieve its goal of making the prime minister at the time, Stanley Baldwin, and the rest of the government help Jarrow in its unemployment crisis of the time. Jarrow, a town in Tyneside, Newcastle, was one of the most affected places in the Great Depression of the 20th century. 64% of the people that lived there were unemployed by 1935. Mainly because their main means of work, the shipyards, had all been shut down. The 207 marchers travelled from their beloved town of Jarrow to the Palace of Westminster in London, a distance of almost 300 miles (480 km). Their MP, Ellen Wilkinson walked with them. When the marchers completed their march, very little was done for them. The town's shipbuilding industry remained closed, with the marchers given money for the train fare back to Jarrow. I am going to asses each source for reliability, sufficiency and its nature, origin and purpose. Some views may agree with this title statement made because it did not achieve its goal, it didn’t not budge parliament at all, with the prime minister saying that if he gave priority to one march, which would be favouritism and it would provoke more marches. I know this from my own contextual knowledge. Sources A and B do agree in some sense. Source A is a poster made by the labour party in 1951 just before the election. It is suggesting that if u didn’t vote for labour, that unemployment would spark up again. It also says on the top: ‘remember?’ This is asking voters if they remember the Jarrow Crusade, and if they don’t want a life like that again, then they should vote for labour. This source may not be reliable because it may not support the whole labour party view, and I may...
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