History Essay Spanish Civil War

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  • Published : April 24, 2012
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What were the key effects of the Spanish Civil War?

Spanish Civil War was war which lasted from 1936 to 1939. For the Spanish it was “total” war, because whole available arms, weapons, economy and other sectors of country were included in this war. But the Spanish Civil War was “limited” war for foreign powers, since they hadn’t been directly included into the conflict. In this war the new technology was very significant, especially dominance of the airpower. Control of the sea was very important, too. These two segments played very important role in making decision of who is going to win the war. On the other hand, the war on land took the biggest number of lives, and that was one of the important consequences of the war. Spanish Civil War had consequences not only on Spain but on the other countries too. Among foreign powers USSR, Germany and Italy were hit by effects the most.

The Civil War brought huge complications to Spain in social, economic and political aspects. Therefore Spain suffered huge consequences. Around 100,000 Republicans and 70,000 Nationalists lost their lives in the war. The war was something new for them, because they weren’t involved in World War II and the fact that civilians were targets was surprising. But these killings continued even after the war, when Franco decided to purge his regime from the opponents, and that was called the “White Terror”. This war led to division into the Spanish society, which lasted for decades. Spain’s economy was devastated after the war and almost all workers were killed. Therefore, Spain couldn’t recover for a long time. But the lack of skilled workers wasn’t the only reason of its slow recovery, there was also the fact that infrastructure was hardly destroyed and that the Franco’s policy of autarky stopped any future economy development. The Civil War led to the high inflation, because of the cost of fighting war,...
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