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Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Rome Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: May 22, 2013
The movie Gladiator was set in Rome in the year 154 AD and was not extremely accurate in terms of its architecture, military, and religion. The inaccuracies do not take away from the movie, but can be a little distracting when it is looked at carefully and re-examined. Architecturally, the movie was off when it came to the buildings and when the buildings were made. The military outfits were not what they actually were in the past. As for the religious aspect of the movie, the references are correct for the time in the movie, but the religious aspect of the movie was not very strong even though the religious belief was great in the time period that the movie was really set. Architecturally, the movie portrays the Rome which everyone would expect to see, but the real Rome was not the same as it is shown in the movie. The movie was not very architecturally accurate. In the scene with the gladiator caravan coming into Rome, a wall that surrounds the entire city can be seen, which resembles the Aurelian Wall. The Aurelian Wall was not made until 275 A.D and the movie was set 100 years before the wall was built. Another instance in which the architecture is not accurate is that most Roman architecture in the film is portrayed as being white. Historical excavations and archaeologists often say that this is not the case. Most of the buildings and structures were coloured to some degree, and that we only believe this because what we find from Roman time are ruins of coloured buildings and often look white. This is only because the original colour has slowly in time began to disappear from the surface of the buildings and left structures and buildings looking white. “However, some of the older buildings might have already had the time to go through this process in the period of the film so this is not true for all the buildings in the movie” (Wikipedia, Gladiator Historical Accuracy), but the majority of the buildings should have been coloured as it would have been the...
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