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Topics: Mughal Empire, Urdu, Africa Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Discursive Essay- South Africa and Mughal India

Whilst researching for this essay I have been continuously surprised at how developed and sophisticated Mughal India were as a society at such an early stage compared to how much work we, as South Africa’s future generation have to do in order to develop our society to reach a similar level. A great example of this is the common factor of both countries being homes of one of the Seven Wonders of The World. Both being incredibly fascinating and beautiful but one using complicated methods and building techniques and the other forming naturally with no work or power required.

South Africa and India had similar beginnings. They were both colonized by external Empires who with them brought their unfamiliar and different religions. The Mughal leader, Babur invaded India from Persia and immediately established his capital in the heart of India where trade was convenient and very quickly become a large contributor to India’s wealth. South Africa was colonized by Europeans who were strongly Christian and not willing to tolerate the indigenous religion and culture. Unlike the Mughals in India, who were clever and gained the support of their Hindu followers with various ways, the Europeans took the wealth and potential of the country and used it for their own benefit. It is a clear example of where a minority of external population is dominant over a majority of internal population. South Africa has come a long way since then and although there is still some economical “intolerance”, religious tolerance has taken a giant leap and it is promoted on a day to day basis and is a strong feature of our legislation.

A predominant similarity between South Africa and Mughal India is trade. Both fall on convenient trading routes and are places where sailors did (and still do) stop and ggggg. Both societies are rich in trading goods, however, South Africa does take the upper hand on this subject and produces a large majority of...
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