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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Reasons for Australian involvement
Gallipoli: Because Australia is loyal to the British Empire and they want to support the “Mother country”

Satiric importance
Number involved
Results of conflict
How well know today

It would be really hard by saying one is more significant than the other, the times are equally remarkable and pictures the Australian soldier or servicemen as admirable in both respects. The battle for Kokoda is regarded as the thwarting of Japanese plans for an eventual assault upon the mainland. The Owen Stanley mountain range played an important part as an insurmountable obstacle.

The Gallipoli Campaign; absolute failure. The only good thing was the ANZAC legend it created, and the evacuation, when the Aussies outdid themselves, creating self-firing rifles. The evacuation had NO casualties.

The aim of the campaign was to defeat the Ottoman Empire by attacking Gallipoli, and taking the Dardenelles, thereby giving British aid to the Russians, which were getting smashed. However, the campaign went wrong from the start. The Ottomans had modern equipment which was contradictory to the Allies's assumptions. The ANZACs standing for Australia New Zealand Army Corps were slaughtered on the beaches of Gallipoli but made some advances, and trenches. It quickly became a stalemate, but the Ottomans could afford casualties unlike the Allies.... The ANZAC legend was created when the ANZACS showed incredible courage and mate ship. Private Simpson and his Donkey is a key feature. Simpson transported dying people across the battle to be treated, before being killed. The ANZACS fought against unwinnable odds from the very start.

Gallipoli| Kokoda|
Gallipoli was a defeatPoorly planned | Kokoda was a Victory| | |
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