History, Diversity and Change Assignment

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History, Diversity and Change

Transcription Assignment

Word count 1058


Fishman, P. (1983). Interaction: the work Women do…in: Thorne, B. Language, Gender and Society. Newbury House, Rowley.

Hirohide, M. (1996) Input and Interaction in Language Acquisition. Issues in Applied Linguistics. Vol 7 (2), pp 325 - 327

Sunderland, J, (2006) Language and Gender: An advanced resource book. Routledge, Oxon p102 - 103

This recording was conducted in a domestic environment, involving two female and one male adult and two small children. It is an ordinary Tuesday evening, the eldest child is being supervised whilst eating dinner and the smallest child is sat on the floor playing with her toys. The male adult is playing on a games console at the other side of the room. The beginning of the conversation is initiated by 'E' as it is between her and the two children. Key

E- Emma (Mother)
N- Nanna (Ryan’s mother)
R- Ryan (Father)
M- Marley (Age 22 months)
H- Halle (Age 8 months)

E- [your noisy arent you](2)
H- [laughing and screaming]
E- your a crack pot (5)
M- what’s that(2) (pointing to a reflection on the wall)
E- its a reflection Marley(3) don’t talk with your mouth full sweetheart At this point 'K' arrives.
E- ooooooo who’s here Marley (2) its Nana
N- where’s me baby (5)
E- have you got that today (.) (Showing me a new pram)
N- yeah (2)
E- Oh that’s alright (.) that’s fine isn’t it (3)
E- how much was it (2)
N- twenty nine quid (.)
E- that’s not bad (2)
N- it’s got a rain cover with it as well (.)
E- yeah (3)
N-[ soooooooo ]
E- [it’s ideal for what you need it for] (2)
N- it’s quite strong (.)
E- yeah (.)
N- is this Marley’s new pram (.) Halle’s new pram (2)
N- are you going to try it out Halle (2)
R- swanky new pram eh (2) (gives his mother an odd look and smiles)
N- [it’s not for me]
R- [I though ] you were looking bigger mum (2) have you got something to tell me (5) (laughter)
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