History Dirty Thirties

Topics: Great Depression, 1930s, Dust Bowl Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The Dirty Thirties

In the 1930's, Canadian had been involved into a very difficult challenge called the Great Depression. During the period of Great Depression many different institutions and groups in Canada responded ineffectively. Canadian government was one of the groups who did not responded effectively to the challenge. The reason why Canadian government did not responded effectively was because, Canadian government had never face a huge economic problem similar to the Great Depression. Also, during that time of period. Canadian did not sense a signal that the economic had a huge problem such as overproduced wheat. For example, the prime minister Richard Bedford Bennett decided to transfer money to the provinces for relief. He also introduced the highest tariff in Canadian history to protect Canadian businesses from foreign competition. Unfortunately, none of these acts had any great impact on the Depression. A group of individuals did not respond the challenges effectively were the people in cities. The people in cites were made less than the farmers. Farmers who had land could at least grow their own food. And some young people who had left farms for jobs in the cities drifted back to their family homesteads. Also, the business in western Canada did poorly during the Great Depression as well. The reason why cities like Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba did so poorly, because these cities were relied too much on wheat, and there was a glut of grain on the world market that no one could afford to buy. The wheats prices crashed from $1.60 a bushel in 1929 to thirty-eight cents a bushel in 1932. In result, the 1930's were the worst year for the Canadian government, the cities workers and the western Canadian.
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