History Dawes Act Situation

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Situation #1:
I like that we are allowed to have some land still but that’s about it. They are trying to take most of our land away and sell it to their people. The European Americans are trying to break up our tribes, encourage individual initiatives, further the progress of native farmers, reduce the cost of our labor, and Euro Americanize us. We have traditional beliefs and ideologies about our land and our existence and their trying to change everything about us. I don’t think it should pass, because it will destroy our culture that we know, and change us into something we are not. Our people will ultimately suffer because the whites will be quick to say one thing and next thing you know we’ve been lied too. They want us to shed and exchange everything we know and become industrialized self supporting farmers and citizens just like the Euro Americans, and that’s not who we are. I hope this Act does not pass.

Situation #2:
As an Indian Reformer I think the Dawes Act is a great thing. I do not believe it is a product of greed because we are friends with the Indians and I believe it is a step toward the Indians into Euro American culture. I don’t think Indians would ever bridge between their ways and Euro American civilization if they maintained their tribal unity and traditional ways. With this act they will get to learn better ways to survive, farm the proper way, improve livelihood, become educated and learn Christianity. It may take some time for the Indians to adjust to the new ways but it’s for the better. This will help us as reformers because we are friends with the Indians and we only want to see the best for them.
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