History Chapter 32

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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1. What brought about the Red scare in the US? What effect did it have? * Fears still existed of red Russia years after the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 * Started a Communist party in America

* At the end of the war an epidemic of strikes resulted in high prices and frustrated union organizing drives * People jumped to the conclusion that labor troubles were formented by bomb and whisker Bolsheviks * US had a great fear that communism could spread throughout the country * Red scare resulted in a nationwide crusade against left wingers whose Americanism was suspect * Attorney general A. Mitchell Palmer was known for his excess of zeal in rounding up suspects- totaled about 6 thousand * Many of these suspects were put to death- all because of a fear of communism * Many bombs were shattered – on Wall street, the Washington home of palmer, etc * Red scare was a godsend to conservative businesspeople – used it to break the back of fledgling unions * Lead to a rising suspicion among Americans and the altering of how people viewed certain social classes * Caused many innocent to be jailed for no reason

2. Why did the KKK increasingly grow in the 1920s? What brought its downfall? * Even though it was anti Jewish, antiblack, anti-Catholic, antipacifist, anti-communist, etc, the KKK spread rapidly, especially in the MidWest and the Bible belt south * People who were scared of the social page were plagued by these KKK members and were convinced to be recruited * Its peak- 5 million members

* Capitalized on the typically American love of on the edge adventure * Collapsed suddenly in the late 1920s- corrupting American ideals * The movement was exposed as a vicious racket based on a $10 initiation fee

3. What changes were made to immigration laws and why were they made? * Many acts changed the immigration laws
* The Emergency quota act- limited the amount of immigrants to 3% of the amount that were there...
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