History at Devil's Den

Topics: Employment, Wage, Management Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: February 24, 2011
History At Devil’s Den
This story is told by Susan about what happen with employees at Devil;s Den. There are many problem happening at Devil’s Den, employees get free food during working period, customer steal food at the canteen, also employer steal money from shop counter and no one take action on it as well. Moreover biggest problem is no one actually care what happen at Devil’s Den, none of employees do not care of losing their job because the lack of rules, also responsibility to the business. Key problems

Start of employees allow their friends to get free food, also their own employees themselves are also taking food in large qualities when finish their works. Moreover employee can eat whatever they like free of charge during the working period. Continues with low wages pay to the employees, these problems make no one want to work hard for the business, also no responsibilities. Next easy access to the unlocked storage room door, and inventory was poorly controlled, also weak supervision by student manager and it seems like employees are enjoying freebies of doing the wrongs thing at Devil’s Den. Swot Analysis

S = this story only mention one of the strength which occur to one of the employee call Bill. He always get this job done, he make a list of small duty that need to be done. W = there are a lot of weakness at Devil’s Den

* Steal food by own employee
* Steal money from counter from their own employees
* Lack of responsibilities of manager
O = CFS have to mention about what problems occur, and take any corrective action. So this can help to prevent some problem that happen in Devil’s Den. T = also a lot threats occur.
* Low wages
* Easy access to the storage room
* Inventory poorly control
* Afraid of losing friendships ( employee who witness customer steal food can not challenge anyone because their fear the loss in friendships) * Lack of responsibilities by manager
Relate alternative
This story can...
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