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Indigenous peoples often adapted to their surrounding environments. They learned much about the local ecology and harnessed the abundance that nature had to offer. Pick one culture-say Anasazi, Mayan, Aztec, etc- and discuss how they sought to live in harmony and harness all that nature had to offer. Do you see any lessons for we the people of the 21st century?  

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The Aztec established in the Valley of Mexico, near Lake Tex-coco. They built their first temples in Tenochtitlan which was in the middle of lake Tex-coco which is now modern day Mexico City. They were a warrior based culture, and continued to conquer and expand. At one point their empire spread throughout most of of Mexico. It is believed that they may have even gone as far north as what is now known as the southwestern United States. I don’t really see any lessons for the 21st century but I know how days are passing people don’t care how they are using up energy and I know we will be running low on energy resources and need to go to alternative energies cause people are very careless these days. people don’t recycle. The things that improved are the 20th century saw great achievements in public health. Vaccines and improvements in sanitation and hygiene led to reductions in mortality and morbidity associated with infectious disease.Challenges that include globalization, scientific and technological advances, and demographic changes. At that time people lived on nature and what they got, it was a really hard time for them but they survived but now in the 21st century people are living on energy or other resorses like cars, oil is being used and one day there will be no oil what will we do. we need to learn to save energy. and not waste oil, water and energy! it was a hard question my I tried my best.  

In my essay I will discuss about how the aztec lived there lives, their culture,religion,art,school,how men and women...
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