History 2127 Final Exam

Topics: Canada, Woman, United States Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Why did views change?
* Confidence or ?
* Why is change good/bad?
* If were going to have new things how does it affect life and how we do things everyday? * Are we doing things in a Canadian way?
* Any of the singers from the 50’s, if we sing is that Canadian music? Or are we imitating American music * If the lyrics are Canadian does it make it Canadian? * Does it work in terms of practical results

* If you do things Canadian and get big are you just seen as American or just don’t get enough recognition * New family focus
* Watch American TV, often thought Canadian TC isn’t good * But some people say its as good and original as anywhere else in world but cant survive in Canadian market * Do we have our own image? There are European countries that watch American TV too but they have their own TV image in their own country * Womans rights

* What does womans rights means in practical terms?
* Even tho there was womens rights laws, what did it mean? * Number of women that can actually progress is pretty small * How much can we actually change as opposed to theoretically change * Rights?

* Does getting rid of old laws actually solve problem? * Is it right black people live in Afriville?
* Immigrants come into Canada
* After a long time there were apologies when we decided we shouldn’t have an exclusion of certain people * What does this tell us?
* Be Canadian: Be as white and loyal to Canada as you can be * Canada’s actually not multicultural at all, they are mostly European * What does that say? People have expectations and beliefs on what Canada is, but we were always fair towards first nations, immigrants haven’t we? * We imagine Indians

* Most famous indian was a british man (guy who dressed up like Indian) * The people on other side of this divide (woman,...
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