History 175 Quiz 4

Topics: Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter Pages: 6 (1448 words) Published: May 26, 2013
1.  That Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms switched their party affiliation was an indication that   | Democrats were losing the solid South.|
  | African Americans in the South would be voting in growing numbers.|   | Republicans were going to have a difficult time winning elections in the South.|   | Democratic politicians in the South were solidly behind federal civil rights legislation.|

2.  One surprising development in the 1972 presidential election was   | strong conservative support for Richard Nixon.|
  | Richard Nixon's strength among southern, Catholic, urban, and blue-collar voters.|   | George McGovern's strength among southern, Catholic, urban, and blue-collar voters.|   | George McGovern's winning more electoral votes than Richard Nixon did.|

3.  The bloody civil war that ended with the Khmer Rouge in power occurred in which Southeast Asian Country?   | Vietnam|
  | Laos|
  | Cambodia|
  | Thailand|

4.  President Nixon and his national security advisor, Henry Kissinger, believed the deterioration of Soviet-Chinese relations   | was a step toward global warfare.|
  | would reduce the threat the Soviets and Chinese posed to the United States.|   | gave them a convenient excuse for abandoning the longstanding policy of containment.|   | could well impede the larger effort to achieve d�tente with the Soviet Union.|

5.  The Tet Offensive was an important turning point for President Lyndon Johnson because   | the president had ignored intelligence that warned the attack was imminent.|   | military leaders refused to act on intelligence that the attack was imminent.|   | it underscored the credibility gap between official statements and the war's actual progress.|   | he was forced to cancel a planned visit to South Vietnam.|

6.  The movement in the United States to stop the Vietnam War was important primarily because   | most Americans got involved in it.|
  | its activist legacy is still in evidence today.|
  | it brought the war to the center of media attention and severely limited the Johnson administration's options.|   | it demonstrated Americans' widespread support for the cold war.|

7.  President Jimmy Carter's presidency was troubled by all of the following EXCEPT   | strained relations with Congress.|
  | his inability to understand complex issues.|
  | an energy crisis fueled by oil shortages.|
  | American hostages held captive in Iran.|

8.  What most helped Jimmy Carter win the presidency in 1976 was his   | association with special-interest groups.|
  | strong political background.|
  | outsider status.|
  | foreign policy experience.|

9.  In 1979, in response to the nation's dependence on foreign oil, President Carter established the   | Department of Energy.|
  | Department of Health and Human Services.|
  | Energy Protection Agency.|
  | Bureau of Energy Conservation.|

10.  When President Carter took office in 1976, he promised to   | end the policy of d�tente spearheaded by President Nixon.|   | apply moral principles to foreign policy.|
  | avoid using economic pressure or sanctions against other nations.|   | cut taxes and raise the minimum wage.|

11.  In 1977, the United States and Panama completed treaties that provided for   | Panama's takeover of the canal in 2000.|
  | the United States to purchase the canal in 2000.|
  | the United States to continue leasing the canal indefinitely.|   | unlimited use of the canal by the United States.|

12.  President Carter encouraged the American people to address the energy crisis of the late 1970s by   | boycotting the 1980 Olympic Games.|
  | reducing their oil consumption habits.|
  | drilling for oil in wildlife refuges.|
  | supporting government price controls on fuel.|

13.  President Carter's most important success in mediating the political crises in...
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