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“Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing,”
If you always believe that winning is everything, winning will not come easly to a team that doesn’t act like a team. A true winning team does not believe that winning is everything. I dissagree with the quote (“Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing,” ) that is winning is everything because to win you must like what you’re doing, you must like ur teammates, and you must have a good attitude.

“Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing,” this statement is incorrect to me because it doesn't matter if you win or lose what matter is how you play the game. I personally think winning isn’t everything because without sportsmanship having a great time and trying your hardest you wouldn’t be winning. i personally think sports teams need to experience losing because then they can know what mistake they committed.

Nevertheless, winning causes arrogance. Some sports teams think that just because they won, they are much better than the others. It gives them an arrogant attitude that drives people to the edge. Imagine this: team win, they are going to feel higher than the ones they went against. Therefore, some teams get arrogant and it frustrates the other teams.

Winning isn’t everything, there are things that are more important. If all you do is win, then it might seem that you know everything, or know how to do everything, and when defeat hits you, you won't know how to handle it. Loss teaches you that you can never always get what you want. Loss is the best personal teacher; it teaches you how to improve yourself, and it provides motivation.

By implying that winning is the only thing to athletes also opens up the opportunity for terrible sportsmanship. If winning is all that matters than an athlete must do whatever it takes to finish the game on top. This means cheating, hurting members of the opposing team, and the use of performance enhancing drugs. But if that athlete uses steroids and continuously...
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