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History (elective)

(New Course)


As a matter of fact ‘History’ is an accurate (possible) record of past events. It provides the status of phenomenon at given times. It also provides interpretation and evaluation of problems, issues, movements and direct observation as eyewitness and indirect observation through documents, relics and remains. It helps to determine the change, growth and development of human race. It is discovery of characteristics traits, norms, and statutes in different ages.


Scheme of Studies

B.A History Syllabus shall consist of two papers of 100 marks each. Students shall be asked to choose any one of the following four groups. In each paper there shall be one compulsory objective question of multiple choice, bearing 20 marks.

The four groups in B.A History are as under.

1.Islamic History
Paper A: - Advent of Islam to the Fall of Umayyad (570 AD to 750 AD) Paper B: - History of Abbasids (750 AD to 1258 AD)
and Muslim Rule in Spain (712 AD to 1492 AD)


History of Modern Muslim World. (1919 AD to 2002 AD)

2. History of Muslims of South Asia

Paper A: - History of Delhi Sultanate (712 AD to 1526 AD) Paper B: - History of Mughals (1526 AD 1857 AD)

3. History of Pakistan

Paper A: - Genesis of Pakistan Movement (1857 AD to 1947 AD) Paper B: - History of Pakistan (1947 AD to 2005 AD)

4. History of Europe

Paper A: - History of Modern Europe (1789 to 1945 AD)
Paper B: - International Relations and Organizations. (1945 AD to 2005 AD)

Detail of Courses



(570 to 750 AD)

1. Pre-Islamic Arabia

Geographical, political, social, economic and religious conditions of the city state of Makkah.

2. The Holy Prophet (SAW)

Birth of the Prophet, Prophethood and Preaching of Islam; the opposition of the Quraish; Migration to Ethopia and Madina. Socioeconomic and cultural foundations including contributions of Ashab-e-Suffa.

Brotherhood, the Madina charter, wars with Quraish, (battle of Badar, Uhad and Ahzab); the peace accord of Hudaibiyya; the Prophet’s letters to the various rulers; the conquest of Makkah; the battle of Hunain; the spread of Islam in Central Arabia; the Tubuk expedition, the Prophet’s last pilgrimage and the significance of the last Sermon; his Seerat and achievements.

3. Hazart Abu Bakar (RA)

His early life and sacrifices for the cause of Islam; his election as Caliph; the movement of apostasy; rise of false prophets; the refusal of Zakat; the consolidation of center; the conquest of Iraq; relations with Iran, Syria, and Byzantine; the compilation of the Quran; his character and achievements.

4. Hazart Umar Bin Khattab(RA)

His early life and acceptance of Islam, his services for the cause of Islam, his role during the caliphate of Abu Bakar; Umar’s nomination as caliph, the conquests of Iran, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Azerbaijan and Armenia; expansion of Muslim power; his reforms and administration, development of Muslim institutions and the projects of public welfare, his character and achievements.

5. Hazrat Usman (RA)

His early life and acceptance of Islam; his services for the cause of Islam; his role during the life time of the Prophet, Abu Bakar and Umar, his election as caliph; conquest of North Africa, Cyprus, Tabaristan, Turkmanistan and Makran, the Sabite movement, opposition of Uthman. His martyrdom and its consequences, his character and achievements.

6. Hazrat Ali (RA)

His early life; his services for the cause of Islam; his role during the life time of the Prophet, Abu Bakr, Uamr and Uthman, his installation as caliph, the battle of the camel, the battle of Siffin, emergence of the Kharjites,...
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