Topics: Blindness, Guide dog, White cane Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: April 8, 2013
I lost my vision November 4, 2004 . I had been a diabetic since I was three years old. Since losing my sight, I have had to repurpose my life. To that end, Ive had to learn to interact with the world without pyhsically seeing it. Midsouth Access Center for Technology was central to my readjustment. However, every other entity I was involved with left a lot to be desired. The foremost reason I say that is those other entities are devoted to assisting the blind rehababilitate but have low expectations for the population they serve and are virtually unproductive in providing any meaningful assistance.

There too is fear and ignorance and condemnation towards persons who are blind. Individuals are hessitant in speaaking directly to you. Many I’ve encountered seem to believe that blindness affects you intellectual functioning or talk down to you as if you were a young child.

The desire for a legal education is to secure independent econonic autonomy for myself and to help effect positive change in the laws, state , federal and international organizations and entities that derve the blind. Change that is effective in allowing blind people that are not independantly wealthy direct their lives and secure the education and other assistance that allows them the autonomy to act in their own best interest. Change that will provide meaning opportunity to the blind individual as opposed to the current state of affairs which serves only to provide employment.

Lastly, for tthose of us who are blind, the law seems to always have been a profession where we would have our dignity respected and make meaning contributions to society. When I had exhausted all of the surgical options to save my sight, the very first example my mother gave to me as an example of a career option was the law. She told me about a professor named Earl Carl that she would watch as a little girl transversing the campus of Texas Southern University with hs seeing eye dog. He taught...
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