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Slavery and Free Blacks in the 1800's
Jimmy Cooper
Bethel College
Feb 04, 2008

Slavery and Free Blacks in the 1800's

The word slavery, defined as a human being owned by another Individual and is subject to another human being as by capture, purchase, or birth; bondservant divested of all freedom and personal rights (Webster, 1959). Now there is an ideology developed that is really a great mystery because who actually wants to be a slave or who has the right to say I have to be your slave. When another human being subject to slavery and has no human rights is a very sad situation.

“The enslavement of an estimated 10 million Africans over a period of almost 4 centuries in the Atlantic slave trade was a tragedy of such scope that it is difficult to imagine much less comprehend” (Black Christianity before the Civil War,1999). In the 1800’s that were almost 15 states, that slavery was legal in before the Civil War started. The actual slave population came from Africa, which they called the transatlantic slave trade, which ended in about 1809. After the slave trade that ended it was the beginning of the American-born black population. Slavery was a very big part of the society in the South and was continually growing in 1800’s. Whites in the South called slavery unavoidable evil to maintain their living standards (Henretta, Brody & Dumenil, 2002). There were some whites who opposed to slavery and every opportunity they had tried to change it.

In the early to late 1800’s slavery was a major asset to plantation life. The plantation life was not the glorious life for the slaves; But Afro-Americans make the best of it. Southern states did not allow marriages between the slaves, so they could be so without an attachment of family. The slaves had to make their own marriage rituals. History also notes that most of the slave marriages were stable, except in Louisiana where there were many single-parent families there.

Moreover, it was very...
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