Topics: Philippines, Philippine Revolution, José Rizal Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: February 10, 2013
What role did the Japanese play in our History?
According to Ambeth Ocampo, the role of the Japanese to the Philippine history is that it contributed to our culture. He also said, its more of the connection between the two races. For example when the Japanese introduced the comfort women in the Philippines, this gave birth to the Filipino-Japanese breed. And after the Second World War, most of these Filipino-Japanese breed went to Mindanao and even changed their surnames and hide their identities in order to escape the wrath of the angry Filipinos who suffered during the Japanese Occupation. From this, the Japanese-Filipino community had learned and adapted the Filipino culture over the years and through time the wound of the Second World War had already been healed. Moreover, by the 1980s and 1990s, thanks to the renewed friendship of the Japan and Philippines, Filipina women were now allowed to work in Japan as cultural entertainers but since comfort women were rampant during the Japanese occupation, there was a negative connotation with regards to Filipina women working in Japan in 1980s and 1990s as prostitutes. It should also be noted that our National Hero Jose Rizal was fascinated by the Japanese style of drawing. He also had a romantic relationship with the Japanese woman, named O-sei San According to Ambeth Ocampo, the word “Tansan” could be associated with a Japanese brand of carbonated water bottle. Our “halo-halo” dessert could also been influenced by a similar dessert in Japan called “kakegori”. The scissors and paper game called “Jack en Poy” had been influenced by the similar Japanese game called “Janken Pon”. Another connection with the Japanese could also be traced back that the one of the founders of the La Solidaridad named Mariano Ponce during the Spanish era was already married to a Japanese woman. According to Ambeth Ocampo, Mariano Ponce, even tried purchasing weapons in Japan for the Philippine Revolution. More over according to Ambeth...
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