Topics: United States, Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson Pages: 4 (1334 words) Published: February 5, 2013
It All Adds Up
Question 1 Response: The decade of the 1950s might be considered to be a tale of two Americas or even a paradox for various reasons. Even though this time period can been seen as a decade of prosperity with the freedom of consumer choice, ethnic minorities were excluded. This decade was a time of confidence and a time of fear. The United State believed that they could do whatever; for example end poverty and prevent the revolution on communism in other countries. Even though Americans were confident they knew that there was still a cold war going on. During this time period school had to regularly practice taking cover against atomic attacks. The 1950s was also a time were America was prospering but still felt at an unease. Eisenhower was the president during this period of prosperity. The economy was prospering and liked by Americans because workers had more disposable income than ever before. This seemed to benefit everyone but there were not enough family-wage jobs for all of the African American and Latino workers. Many Mexican Americans were still farm laborers and worked in sweatshops. Minorities always resulted affected by the changes in industrial jobs and the shift of jobs to suburban areas that were isolated from their neighborhoods. The unemployment for the blacks was twice of the whites; this frustrated many African Americans and other minorities. During the fifties Americans were turning to religion but also to materialism. Eisenhower advocated churchgoing to remedy Communism. The percent of people attending church increased. But spending habits were also increased. With new highways, malls, and cars people were beginning to spend more and becoming materialistic. They would buy fast food, T.V.s and many other items that they had never owned before. But with all of this whites withdrew to minimize contact with people of other races. The Brown v. Board of Education opened up a new civil rights movement that impacted the sixties...
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