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What is purpose of education?

People are provided the education in their life time. School teaches the importance of the education to the students and parents and grandparents also teach the importance of the education. We are provided school education, home education and education of life. We are educated to success in our lives, to be honest and upright people and to increase their knowledge. We are provided education to success in our lives and to make our dreams to be true. Education is shortcut of success. Education is a passport to success. In fact, lots of people think this is the major cause of education. Education became the most important element in the twenty-first century. Because person who is educated has high percentage of going a good university or to be succeed. That’s why we learn many things through the elementary, middle and high school. And even more, many people take private education or academy for the university. Educated person will have more chance to success and to enter good company than person who is not educated. We are provided education to be honest and upright people. In fact, most of educated people are more honest and upright than people who are not educated. That’s because they know what is right or wrong. They learn it from school. They are provided not only school education but also character building education. At the same time, home education is also really important. Most of etiquette lessens and character building educations were taken from our homes. Suppose we are educated person, but we don’t have manner or we are not honest and upright people, then we can not say that person is educated. So, we should be honest and upright people. Also if we are educated people, we should respect old people. We are provided education to increase our knowledge. Yes, we are provided education to increase our knowledge. We study at school to get variety of information. From the education, we could...
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