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Agree or disagree with the following statement and justify your answer: “the election of President Obama was not a victory for the civil rights movement t but a sign of the increased diversity of the American population, which is generally more willing to accept people of color.” I agree, President Barack Obama’s victory was due to our society acceptance to a diverse America. Our society no longer holds those narrow minded believes we use to have years ago. He won the presidency because people believe on his and they think he would do a better job than the republican. Defend or argue against former President Jimmy Carter’s statement: “Many politicians disagree with President Obama just because he is black.” I do not believe people disagree with Obama because he is black, people disagree with him because they do not share his belief on how the country should be run and the plan he has propose don’t benefit them and of course this is not taking a consideration the ongoing was between republican and democrats.

Rank the following ethnic/demographic groups from one to five (1-5) in terms of their likelihood to be elected President of the United States in the next twenty (20) years and give your reasons: a) a woman b) an Asian-American, c) an Arab-American, d) an Indian-American, e) a Native American Indian. 1.Woman

2.Native American Indian
3.Indian America
4.Asian American
5.Arab American
In other countries women are making successful governors, and leaders, and I think a woman would do a great job at being the President of the United States of America. And for the rest I believe a Native American Indian, Asian, Indian and Arab American could become President as long as the put the people first like they have being doing for many centuries.
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