History 1301

Topics: Salem witch trials, Protestant Reformation, Protestantism Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: June 19, 2012
Coming from a religious background, the religious event in history always stuck out to me the most. I’m amazed at the variety of belief that was practice throughout the years. I would like to examine some of the important religious events from the years 1492 to 1865. The events that really grabbed my attention were The Protestant Reformation, The Salem Witchcraft Trials, and The Second Great Awakening. First important religious event was The Protestant Reformation. This took place in 1517. It initially started with Martin Luther. Luther’s father had plans for him to become a lawyer, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned. After riding on a horse through a rainstorm and merely getting shocked by lightening, he believed the whole ordeal was a sign from God. He then became a professor and priest. During that time, Luther began to do a lot of pondering, which started leading to a lot of doubts. In fact, he didn’t agree with sale of indulgences by the Catholic and money going to the church instead of presence. Luther sort after the truth, but could find any of the sacraments in the Bible except two. They were communion and baptism. He realized that salvation will be given by faith only, not by what man do for themselves. He stood against papal abuse of supremacy and dictatorship. Luther issued the Roman hierarchy a 95 thesis, of things which needs correcting, including the sale of indulgences. A couple years later, he was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. To many this was an important part of religion history because of the simple fact someone actually looked into the Bible by themselves, instead of going off the word of others. It only took man single handedly to changed hundreds of years of Christian theology. If it weren't for him this would be a catholic country. Honestly, I can only give credit where credit is due. He did nothing other than to try and glorify God's name. One of the most strangest and unpleasant religious in event in...
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