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The misinterpretation of who should sit where, initiated the Montgomery Boycott led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mahatma Gandhi’s fight for Independence began with a dream. Years of racial oppression led to Nelson Mandela’s fight for equality in South Africa. With all these successful movements that most minorities now benefit from, it leave people to wonder, what made non-violence work? In reference to King, Gandhi and Mandela, what made non-violence work was their mentality, consistency and determination. The first thing that made non-violence work was these men’s mentalities. To be involved in such a movement, one need’s to have a stable mindset. They had to be aware of the dangers that lied ahead of them. The supporters of their movement also had to possess strong mind-sets in not retaliating to the physical struggles they endured. In Gandhi’s autobiography, it states, “I explained to a group of several hundred Africans, Indians and coloreds, that volunteering (for the defiance of Unjust Laws campaign) was a difficult and even dangerous duty, as the authorities would seek to intimidate, imprison and perhaps attack the volunteers.” With so much fighting against them, they all believed in what they were fighting for. Even those in support of the movements of King, Gandhi and Mandela, were beginning to re-think the whole “nonviolent” aspect because they were getting fed up with the abuse they were experiencing. However, they were driven by their faith in God and continued to stand their ground and fight while leaving marks on people’s minds rather than their bodies. The second thing that made non-violence work was their consistency. These men were consistent in their fight for equality, justice and freedom. One thing, amongst many, that they have in common, is the fact that they all spent time in prison at some point. However, their time spent in prison didn’t stop them from working to stop the unjust laws, they consistently went to...

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