History 11a

Topics: Septuagint, Decision making, Cognition Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: May 27, 2013
China is a country with a long history. Looking back in history, there are many virtuous personages. After I read the Book of Odes and the Chronicles of Zuo, I found that both the official Zhongshan Fu and the Zichan are outstanding people, who help their duck to make a better kingdom. In fact, they shared some similar qualities. First, Both of Zhongshan Fu and Zichan were loyal. So, they could gain the trust form the king, and they were entrusted with an important post. In the Song 260 from Book of Odes, it says, “Obedient to the Son of Heaven, Whose glorious commands he spreads abroad.” Also, from the king’s command in Song 260, we know that the king let Zhongshan Fu to be the king’s throat and tongue, spread his edicts aboard, rousing all throughout the land. That means Zhongshan Fu fully obtained the authority from the king. In the Chronicles of Zuo, Zichan was also such a person. No matter what Zichan did, he wanted Zheng to be a peaceful and powerful country. In many times, he refuted the duke’s ideas, but because of his wisdom and eloquence, he was able to give more comprehensive ideas to let the duke to accept his suggestion. He was loyal to his country, so he tried his best to think closely to perfect. Moreover, both of them were familiar with the situation of their country. In the Song 260, it says:” If in the land anything was darkened, Zhongshan Fu shed light upon it. Very clear-sighted was he, and wise.” Zhongshan Fu knew the problem of their country and found the way to solve it. In the Chronicles of Zuo, Zichan always gave many suggestions, which not obeyed the King’s idea, but the king nearly always accepted his suggestions. The reason is simple, because Zichan knew the current situation of their country better than king, and he was able to explain clearly why his idea was more practical and persuaded the duck to agree with him. However, the differences of Zhongshan Fu and Zhichan are more than the similarity. First of all, their...
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