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Grade 10

What qualities in George Washington made him a good choice for commanding the revolutionary army? What were his most valuable contributions to independence?

Washington would lead the Patriots to a surprising victory over Great Britain. There are many qualities that made George Washington into the great leader that he was. These qualities can be seen by the many decisions he made throughout his role as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and as President. Washington was a heroic man. As a general of the Continental Army, George Washington often rode with his troops along the front lines and brought them together during crucial battles. An example of this is before the battle of Trenton. In December of 1776, Washington personally led his troops across the icy Delaware River into New Jersey on a surprise attack on a Hessian outpost. This shows that George Washington is a brave man, as he is willing to sacrifice for his people. He also doesn’t just call orders and expect his men to comply but instead he leads them himself which shows that he is passionate about what he’s doing. Washington was also experienced when it came to military matters. His knowledge came from his experience because he had fought during the French Indian War and proved to be skilled in commanding troops. Washington was also a very wise leader; he knew that he could form an alliance with either Britain or France during the 1790’s. It was too dangerous to side with one or the other because of the political chaos in Europe. So instead he said that the United States should stay neutral.  Although it took years for both nations to acknowledge the United States’ neutrality, Washington’s position for the country paid off. These were some of George Washington’s most valuable contributions to independence. Washington was gifted with the ability to reason things out, to examine matters thoroughly before making decisions. Washington also worked very hard.

The combat of the revolutionary war began in spring 1775. Why did colonists wait until the summer of 1776 to declare independence?

They had been dependent on the British government for so long that declaring independence was very controversial at that time. Some members of the continental congress actually wanted independence while others just wanted to make peace with the British, but they realized that this was not possible and even if it was they would be hung for treason. Thomas Paine then wrote an extremely influential pamphlet in 1776, which was very controversial, persuading many colonists to become independent. “ It called not simply for independence, but for the creation of a new kind of political society, a republic, where power flowed from the people themselves, not from a corrupt and despotic monarch.” Many of the colonial Americans didn’t want to support independence until a year into the war. They only wanted to declare independence in 1776 because they thought that they were too far into the war to go back.

Account for the widespread and enthusiastic colonial reception of Thomas Paine’s common sense.

It promoted the law; the law is higher than the king. This was very popular with Americans because it promoted the idea that the king is not absolute. Most people believed that king George was the problem with the British government and this message appealed to them .It also gave arguments of why the British who were three thousand miles away and smaller should govern America. Many people felt that someone as far away as Britain should not govern America because they would not have their best interests in mind. Its very good use of imagery was used to provoke thoughts among the colonists. Many colonists who read this pamphlet felt a deep desire to support the revolutionary cause because of the imagery, it caused a lot...
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