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Philippine History
| Event Date:| Event Title:| Event Description:|
| 10,000BC   | Cagayan Valley Stone tool| The Cagayan Valley archaeological site has revealed stone tools from the Pleistocene.| | 890-710 B.C.| Manunggul Jar| The Manunggul Jar is a secondary burial jar excavated from a Neolithic burial site in Manunggul cave of Lipuun Point,Quezon, Palawan dating from 890-710 B.C.| | 04/21/0900| Laguna Copperplate Inscription| Laguna Copperplate Inscription The Laguna Copperplate inscription (also shortened to LCI) is the earliest known written document found in the Philippines. The plate was found in 1989 by Alfredo E. Evangelista in Laguna de Bay, in the metroplex of Manila, Philippines, the LCI has inscribed on it a date of Saka era 822, corresponding to April 21,900 AD. | | 03/17/1001| Song Shih document| Song Shih The Chinese annal Song Shih recorded the first appearance of a Butuan tributary mission at the Chinese Imperial Court on March 17, 1001 AD and it described Butuan (P'u-tuan) as a small Hindu country with a Buddhist Monarchy in the sea that had a regular connection with the Champa kingdom and intermittent contact with China under the Rajah named Kiling.| | 01/01/1175| Kingdom of Namayan reaches its peak.| Kingdom of Namayan The ancient Kingdom of Namayan, alternately referred to as the Kingdom of Sapa, Maysapan or Nasapan after its capital which goes by those names, was one of three major kingdoms that dominated the area around the upper portion of the Pasig River and the coast of Laguna Lake in the Philippines before the arrival of Spanish colonizers in the 16th century.| | 01/01/1240| Tuan Mash`ika, an Arab, travels and introduces Islam to Sulu.| Tuan Masha'ika Tuan Masha'ika was an Arab trader credited for founding the first Muslim community in the Philippines. He was the person responsible for the propagation of Islam, particularly in Mindanao, by marrying the local maidens and raising children whom he influenced to follow the path of Mohammad. The coming of Muslim traders in the Philippines marked the establishment of masjids in the country.| | 01/01/1300| Birth of the Baybayin, Hanunoo, Tagbanwa, and Buhid scripts from Brahmi.| Brāhmī: Buhid, Tagbanwa, Hanunó'o, Baybayin| | 01/01/1380| Karim Al-Makhdum arrives in Jolo and builds a Mosque.| Karim ul-Makhdum Karim ul-Makhdum was the first Muslim missionary in Sulu. The word makhdum in Arabic means master. In India and Malaysia, it is a title for holy people. During the years Karim ul-Makhdum was later called Tuan Sharif Aulia. He was considered as a saint (aulia) due to stories about his alleged magical powers.| | 01/01/1457| Karim Al-Makhdum arrives in Jolo and builds a Mosque.| Sultanate of Sulu The Sultanate of Sulu was a Muslim state that ruled over many of the islands of the Sulu Sea, in the southern Philippines. The sultanate was founded in 1450, but other sources place the date earlier. Muslim historians believe that it had existed centuries earlier in the time of Raja Baguinda Ali.| | 03/16/1521| Ferdinand Magellan landed on Homonhon and Cebu| Ferdinand Magellan On 16 March Magellan reached the island of Homonhon in the Philippines, with 150 crew left. Members of his expedition became the first Spaniards to reach the Philippine archipelago, but they were not the first Europeans. Magellan was able to communicate with the native tribes because his Malay interpreter, Enrique, could understand their languages. Enrique was indentured by Magellan in 1511 right after the colo| | 01/06/1543| Las Islas Filipinas| Ruy López de Villalobos López de Villalobos was commissioned in 1541 by the Viceroy of New Spain, Antonio de Mendoza, who was the first colonial administrator in the New World, to send an expedition to the Islas del Poniente, meaning Island of the West, now known as the Philippines. His fleet of six galleon ships, the Santiago, Jorge,...
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