History 103

The Alien and Sedition Acts
1. Section one states that if our government is at war with another country or foreign power that that non-citizens that reside in the U.S can be held accountable. This is due to the fact that this act declares male ages 14 and up not natural and can be arrested or removed from the country as an enemy to the U.S. It also states that the president will address the nation of those threating events or declaration of war. 2. It effects male ages fourteen and up. Within that category it also affects residents within the U.S. that are not a citizens that comes from any foreign nation that we are at war with or that attempts or is a threat to our gov’t. To be more specific at the time it was created it would have been the French people. 3. It only was in effect if we declared war on any foreign nation or gov’t or had threats of invasion predatory incursion would be perpetrated or attempted against the U.S. Government or the president. 4. Any unlawful act against the U.S or helping someone commit treason against U.S. This also includes terror acts, council or advising to organize riot and illegal protest. If you do such things it will include jail time and a large fine. 5. In this section it doesn’t really define what’s unlawful but it does describes the activities that would be consider unlawful like a riot, organizing treason and forcing someone to leave a place in office. The Supreme Court are the ones that decide if the acts are unlawful and qualify for prosecution. 6. If they due protest towards France and against the government they would be penalized up to five thousand dollars. In addition to the fine they will be imprisoned for at least six months and up to 5 years in jail. 7. If person writes or publishes slanderous things about the U.S government or house of congress and (or) the presidents in attempt rally people against the government. If someone publishes or writes about opposing and resisting any laws or...
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