History 102

Topics: 20th century, Woodrow Wilson, History of the United States Pages: 4 (1194 words) Published: April 30, 2013
History revealed that Frederick Jackson Turner’s image of the west as the home of democratic spirit and buffalo bill’s depiction of it as the battlefield of white man’s victory were incomplete.The American west exerted lasting influence on the complex mix of people there. Living mostly in small groups, Indians-the original inhabitants- hunted, farmed and depended on delicate resources such as buffalo herds and salmon runs. When they came into contact with commerce-minded European-americans, their resistance to the market economy, diseases, and violence and whites brought into the west failed. Mexcians, Chinese, African Americans, and anglos discovered a reciprocal relationship between human activities and the environment. Miners timber cutters, farmers, and builders extracted raw materials for eastern factories, used irrigation and machines to yield agricultural abundance, filled pastures w cattle and sheep to environment exerted power through climate, insects and parasites, and other hazards. The wests settlers employed violence and greed that sustained discrimination within a multiracial society, left many farmers feeling cheated, provoked contests over water and pastures, & sacrificed environmental balance for market profits. The regions raw, materials and agricultural products raised living standards and hastened industrial progress, but not without costs. Mechanization and inventions thrust the US into vanguard of industrial nations and altered daily life. By the early 20th century, American industrial output surpasses that of Great Britain, France, Germany combined. By 1900, factories, stores, and banks converted America from a debtor, agricultural nation into an industrial financial and exporting power. Industrial expansion proved unstoppable bc so many people were benefiting from it. The waves of new comers pouring into the nations cities were increasingly furnishing workers and consumers for Americas expanding productive capacity.The economics activities...
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