History's Contribution to Present Day Caribbean Society

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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History, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is the continuous record of events, especially those that are public. The history of the Caribbean is a diverse and intriguing one seeing as our present day country is one of cultural diversity, often referred to by locals as a “culture pot”. It is because of the Europeans enslavement of various ethnicities and cultures in the islands that this is possible. The locals however, were exported to work in the European countries.

When the slaves were brought to the Caribbean and made to work on the plantations, they were stripped of their religion and culture; forced to take up or partake in the Roman Catholic religion and were expected to act as the Europeans thought them. In the beginning, the main imported race was the Africans. Africans were and still are well known for a very rich and interesting heritage and they were not able to practice their beliefs at the time that they were brought. East Indian imports however, were brought at a different time, a more lenient time. They were brought through indentureship and they were allowed to practice whatever they saw fit. This has affected our society`s social identity. This means that although we know who we are, we have our own opinion of people and their beliefs. Although the number of people that believe their culture is better than others, it still exists in our society. People also tend to identify themselves with those who are similar to themselves and somewhat avoid those who are dissimilar.

Trinidad and Tobago in particular, has a very special history to me. As a people, we gained our independence from the United Kingdom in 1962. The man responsible for this tremendous act was Dr. Eric Williams, who was a noted Caribbean historian, widely regarded as “The Father of the Nation”. In 1976, the country cut its ties with the British and became a republic within the commonwealth. The country has been relatively successful by importing two major goods, those being;...