Topics: Historiography, Primary source, Secondary source Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: February 20, 2013
History Fair 2010-2011
Debate & Diplomacy: Successes, Failures, Consequences Assignments Due Dates Share this paper with my parents, discuss, & sign (parents keep the bottom copy)       Read the 2010-2011 History Theme Description Begin the History Fair Writing Process (Develop Thesis/Premise) Formulate guiding questions to direct research. Decide whether or not I want to work in a group or as an individual. Finalize Topic Choose a category - visit http://www.nhd.org/CreatingEntry.htm descriptions -exhibit -web site -documentary -performance -historical paper Read & sign your 2010-2011 History Fair Contract RESEARCH DAY AT Booker Middle Library!!! Be sure to bring all of your History Fair related materials to school! Use your Thesis/Premise and guiding questions to direct your research. You will be able to take advantage of the school districts’ online resources & get help from Mrs. Heath. Begin INDEPENDENT Research -Finalize your Thesis/Premise -Collect data that supports your thesis/premise. -Make appointments for interviews. -Take careful notes from several primary & secondary sources, using correct style for bibliographical entries. Use Historical Framework Note-taking Sheets provided by your teacher. -(www.citationmachine.net) -Develop ideas that answer guiding questions. -Conduct interviews as scheduled. -Decide what sources to use & how to use them to support your thesis/premise. You must have at least 10 primary sources & 5 secondary sources. RESEARCH DAY AT SELBY LIBRARY!!! Join Mr. Elsey & Mrs. Jaso at the library to review & collect research materials for your History Fair Project! Historical Framework Part I:  Well-defined thesis/premise & Historical Significance Checklist  Primary Source Notes w/ Bibliography -Ideas & values, Geographical influences, Social issues, & Cultural issues Historical Framework Part II: Secondary Source Notes w/ Bibliography – Ideas & values, Geographical influences, Social issues, & Cultural issues PROJECT PLAN...
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