Historical Report on Race

Topics: United States, United States federal immigration and nationality legislation, Chinese Exclusion Act Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Identify one racial group from the list below:

African American
Asian American
Middle Eastern American
Hispanic American/Latino
Native American

Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper from one of the perspectives below:
A historian writing about the racial group in a book chapter •A news reporter writing a newspaper article or blog entry about the racial group •An individual member of the racial group, writing a personal letter to a friend who is not a member of that racial group

Answer the following questions:

What have been the experiences of this racial group throughout U.S. history?

While we were serving together you always said we were Americans. The military was a place to unite the races and bring us together as one. It was always easier for you to think that way because of the color of your skin. I myself have always found it to be more challenging and harder to be accepted. Being Asian is not as easy as you think, we have endured many struggles and hardships throughout our history here in America. As a culture, we came to this country eager to work and start a new life and have been faced with many challenges.

We struggle to adapt to the culture of America. We find the need to identify with our roots in Asian religion, thought and practices. Sometimes we are looked at oddly due to our customs or our beliefs; we truly wish to take care our own. We will always lend a hand, but that same hand has also been bitten by those we've helped. It is our cultural way to be quiet and reserved, keep our business private and not share our problems. Our way of life is unique to the American culture, much of it remains a mystery but with time we've shed much light into our own culture and traditions.

What have been the political, social, and cultural issues and concerns throughout American history?

We have endure many issues related to our presence here in America. Much of what we suffered in our early days here was...
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